This is undoubtedly one of the best cave systems on the coast of Montgri. This area also poses a moderate difficulty for divers with some experience in caves, because there is no inside hallways or excessively complicated ramifications. There is always the opportunity to go quickly to the exit without having to dip greater distances. Numerous tunnels with openings offers a play of colors and color contrast that is unforgettable. An orifice the size of a tire indicates the entrance to a cave at 11m depth while it is only 25m long, but with beautiful backlighting and the ability to breathe out to the surface to reach the end (the air is exchanged with the outside). Then he goes around the column toward the exit. Once taken out due south passing through a huge arch with abundant natural light. Keeping the cliff to the right is continuing about 30m until you reach the entrance of another cave, located to 12m deep, penetrating into the cliff to the east, and leads to a subterranean beach. In this beach you can leave the water, contemplating the ceiling height and admire the limestone formations. Then begins the return, but before reaching the exit of the cave is located on the right side, the entrance to a tunnel that allows a person passing through it smoothly flows in the most beautiful of all caves of the whole. After we continue to dive along the right wall 25 m away we see the light, the large air chamber, will provide countless holes outdoor lighting. The large hall in the center exit descends to 17m, but there are parallel to the cliff side porch with windows that communicate with the outside if the air permits and in making progress in these tunnels, it is easy to reach 20m. At this point you decide if it is carried back through the cave following the reverse path, or if you go outside to return to the ship.