Opposite the tip of the Basseta is a solitary rock that serves as reference to locate the dive point. In fact, the Baix de Cols is a submerged rock that reaches just 1m from the surface. We dive off the cliff, which descends vertically to a depth of about 15m. Here, it is very important that we have a good control of our buoyancy to avoid the damage to white gorgonians which are growing from the wall, In the crevices and holes we can find lobsters and conger eels. Arriving at the sandy bottom there is a corridor which is about 15m wide and there we can see with some care and luck in the sand spider of considerable size and stingrays. After that, we dive the wall to the right and find a small tunnel which is only about 10m long. We dive through, and the remind us of the other side of the tunnel, at the tunnel of 'LA VACA' only in miniature version. Afterwards we can go to the islet of Cols Biax and while we admire the flora and fauna around it. You can also choose any of the points that start from the bottom and reach few meters below the surface