Rescue Diver PADI

Prevention and ability to effectively manage different types of complications


The RESCUE DIVER COURSE , includes skills and abilities needed to prevent a great deal of potential diving problems and incidents as well as to offer the most effective management ability in the event of different types of complications. During the course ( anular aquesta frase ).

The course has two parts:

THEORY. All theory is done at the diving center . We work on self-rescue, on acknowledging and managing stress in other divers, on gear, on emergency management.

PRACTICAL SESSIONS. Pool and open water dives during which we practice different techniques to assist tired divers, panicked divers, passed out divers ... . Two different accident scenarios with which we practice the whole chain of decisions and actions required in a real situation.

- Theory and course manual .
- pool or open water dives
- Certification application and processing

DURATION: 4 days

REQUIREMENTS: Diving Insurance (which we can process for you if you prefer), Medical certification for scuba diving (not older than 2 years), First Aid and CPR Certification ( maximum 2 years old ) . If you don´t have this course , we can provide it for you doing the EFR PADI course .


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